You might remember the gorgeous couple we took engagement pictures of this past winter. We met this sweet Texas couple through some mutual friends here in Colorado. They were here for our friends’ wedding and they wanted their engagement pictures done in the mountains. We instantly hit it off with Skyler and Brooke; they must have thought so too, because they asked us to come shoot their wedding in Dallas, Texas!  Their August wedding last weekend was nothing but stunning. It was elegant, yet simple; classy, but SO much fun.

The day started with Brooke and her bridesmaids getting ready together. From the moment we walked in, we knew it was going to be an awesome day. The girls all had so much energy, and you could just tell how excited they were and how much they loved Brooke. When Brooke came out for her first look with her girls, they went crazy! Rightfully so, because she looked amazing. And that dress. Classic, yet STUNNING. The neutral bridesmaid dresses, white flowers, and tied it all together. Brooke’s mom was beaming with pride as she helped Brooke finish getting ready.

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The emotion began when Brooke’s dad saw her for the first time. She hadn’t showed him the dress until the wedding day, and he was in utter awe of his beautiful daughter. It was so evident she is a daddy’s girl.

The bridal suite and groom’s room were very close to each other, and since Skyler and Brooke weren’t doing a first look, it was our mission to keep Skyler from seeing Brooke. When Skyler arrived with the groomsmen, we immediately sent them to get ready in the groom’s room! They were so laid back about it though, and mission accomplished because the two didn’t see each other until Brooke walked down the aisle!

The ceremony was at the Watermark Church where Skyler and Brooke attend. Not only was it special because it’s their church, but it was such a beautiful chapel.

When Brooke walked down the aisle, Skyler was just BEAMING with joy. His smile said it all.

The ceremony was simple, yet beautiful. They exchanged vows and took communion together. The pastor prayed over them and blessed their future marriage. When Skyler was finally told to kiss his bride, all the guests were clapping with excitement and everyone’s joy and love for them filled the room. Skyler and Brooke’s faces were radiating with joy.

After some fun bridal party and family photos, Skyler and Brooke had some time alone to get their own pictures. They were so giggly and no posing was necessary because they would just look at each other or hug and it was perfection!

Skyler and Brooke told us a couple weeks ago  that the theme of their wedding was “food”. We initially got a laugh out of this, but they weren’t kidding! They even had snack bags for their guests as they left the ceremony to go to the reception. 

If you thought the ceremony was spectacular, you should have seen the reception! The reception was located at the Hall of State, which is a historical building located in Dallas Fair Park. The inside was just as beautiful as the architecture on the outside.

The cake was stunning, the table décor was elegant, and once again, the venue itself was just GORGEOUS. You could tell that every aspect was carefully thought out and each detail just complemented everything so perfectly.

After a delicious meal, it was time for the first dance which was absolutely precious. Skyler danced with his mom and Brooke danced with her father, which was a tear jerker. Then Brooke’s dad gave a touching, yet hilarious speech filled with lots of advice for the newlyweds.

Then the party really started! What a group of guests. There were few people who weren’t out on the dance floor having the time of their lives. They sang, they line danced, and our personal favorite was when Brooke and her friends jammed to Britney Spears.

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Skyler and Brooke ended their perfect night with a big sparkler exit on the stairs in front of the Hall of State. It was spectacularly beautiful as their loved ones sent them off as the new Mr. and Mrs. Skyler Waldo!

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  1. Sandra B says:

    One of the best decisions Brooke and Skyler made about their wedding was to have you shoot the pictures! The photos are absolutely gorgeous, and they’ll treasure them as long as they live. Thank you for being a part of their big day, and for helping make the celebration even more special.
    -Brooke’s mom (aka M.O.B.)

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