Since moving to Colorado Springs, they've traveled, become dog-mom and dad, and photographed countless weddings and elopements in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas.
Most recently, Victor and Michelle were blessed to bring home their daughter, Stella through adoption.

Victor and Michelle met in college in Tennessee. After being friends for years, Victor decided to ask Michelle out. He told her he needed to take pictures for his portfolio, and after the shoot, he asked her on a date. It must have gone well, because in August 2016, they got married and moved to Colorado Springs! 

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We're Victor and Michelle!

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We LOVE to travel! If there's a place to go that we haven't been to, we're already planning the trip. With Victor being the planner (he's an amateur travel agent if you need help with the honeymoon!) and Michelle just going with the flow, our trips are some of our greatest memories. Our favorite getaways are Cancun and Hawaii - really anywhere tropical!

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Cooper is our three year-old Goldendoodle and he is a very good boy! He loves to snuggle, play fetch, wear his fashionable bandanas, and greet everyone who walks by. He is as fluffy as he looks and we hope you can meet him sometime!


Michelle and Victor became friends in college, and for a long time that's all they were. When Victor decided to ask Michelle on a date, he had to find a way to make it special, so he staged a photo shoot with her for his portfolio. He asked and she surprisingly said yes, and the rest, they say, is history. They got married in 2016 and moved to Colorado Springs.

michelle once said she would never date Victor...

A lot of people say they like cooking, but WE REALLY DO! We cook almost every night and love trying new recipes. So, if you ever need any cooking tips as newlyweds, we're right here to help! We also love exploring restaurants in Colorado Springs, our favorites in our neighborhood are Salsa Brava and Birdcall.

We love to Cook (and eat)!

Victor works in digital marketing at Compassion International and Michelle is a nurse at a surgery center in Colorado Springs. We see photography as a way to be creative together and spend time with others. Because this is something we do on the side, we spend more time on our clients because we can only book so many. Our clients are very special to us because, through you, we get to do something we love together!

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We want to be there when you two see each other for the first time, when your father cries because he just saw you in your wedding dress, to capture your mom's joy when she sees you walk down the aisle. We want to capture your first moments together so you can look back and relive your wedding day as it was, not as someone made it look like through poses. We want your photos to make you laugh, smile, and tear up all the same. If you're looking for that in your wedding photographers, then we're your team!

We value the moments that are real and raw. The moments you can't imagine not being able to relive. That's why we're here, so you can relive those moments, over and over.

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