Do you have your engagement pictures scheduled for this summer, but you’re just not sure what you should wear? Here’s some advice to help you both look amazing, so all you have to worry about is letting us capture you having fun with your fiancé!


A long flowy dress can really bring the “WOW” factor to your engagement pictures. Just imagine yourself on a hilltop with your dress blowing in the wind!


Engagement sessions can last a couple of hours and you’ll probably be doing a good bit of walking, so make sure you are comfortable! Since most men’s shoes are pretty comfortable, this one is more for the ladies. Girls, a good pair of sandals never disappoints, especially if you are doing an outdoor engagement session. If you choose to do a more city style engagement session, then you have a little more flexibility in this area. If you choose heels, the thicker the heel, the better. Wedges are an excellent choice.

Left to Right Top to Bottom:  Red Dress Boutique ,  Francesca's ,   Red Dress Boutique ,  Target

Left to Right Top to Bottom: Red Dress Boutique, Francesca’s,  Red Dress Boutique, Target


A classic option for a summer engagement session is a cute top with a pair of shorts. You can go super casual or dress your outfit up with jewelry and cute shoes. Floral patterns are super in right now, but don’t go too crazy. Try to go with a softer pattern. And if one of you wears a pattern, the other should wear a solid.


A white dress or top is very bridal and perfect for summer! Something with lace or embroidery makes for an extra girly, delicate look. If you choose a dress, make sure it’s long enough where you will feel comfortable. If one of you wears white, then the other should wear a color.


Rompers are great for pictures because not only are they adorable and keep you cool, but they also allow lots of freedom to jump, skip, and play with your fiancé. If you are wanting super playful engagement pictures (i.e. you envision pictures of your man carrying you or you jumping on his back) this a great option for you.


Since guys’ clothes are pretty simple, the main thing is just to complement the woman’s outfit. You can’t go wrong with a classic button up or simple tee paired with khaki shorts or jeans. We recommend lighter colors since it is summer. Prints are fun too, but don’t go too elaborate and don’t forget if you wear a print, your fiancé should wear a solid!

Left to right, top to bottom:  Old Navy ,  Kohls ,  Kohls ,  Kohls

Left to right, top to bottom: Old Navy, Kohls, Kohls, Kohls


The little details matter! Obviously the biggest accessory will be the engagement ring, but don’t be afraid to get creative with fun hats or jewelry.  If you have an accessory, just bring it along! The worst thing that happens is you decide not to wear it.

Ultimately, wear what you feel comfortable in. This is not the time to experiment with a new style or wear something that you wouldn’t normally dream of wearing. These pictures are about capturing you and your fiancé and who you are as a couple, so be yourself! If you ever have any questions about your outfits, just ask us and we will be happy to help guide you!

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