Elizabeth and Aaron share a special place in our hearts because they were the FIRST COUPLE to book us here in Colorado Springs. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a more fun couple to kick off this wedding season. They are both super laid back, love hiking and camping, and love each other big time – and that was super evident on the wedding day! 

Speaking of the wedding day, when we arrived it had been raining all day long and we were positive that it was going to rain during the ceremony. So, we packed our rain gear in our car certain we were going to have to use it. We arrived and there was not one drop of rain and it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day! It went off without a hitch. The rain held off until the last family picture was done. We felt a few sprinkles right as the last picture was taken, and it was time to head in for the reception! 

It did pour during the first part of the reception, but it was completely worth it because it resulted in the most beautiful rainbow outside! How cool is that? Don’t worry, there’s a picture below! 

Hillside Gardens was so gorgeous, but not your typical wedding venue. Picture this: nestled within an abundace of flowers, greenery, and gardens is a pit filled with bowling balls, a chicken coop, statues, and an old bus with a beautiful mountain backdrop. All of this makes for a fun and quirky, yet DREAMY place to say “I do!”

Check out some pictures of this perfect day below! 


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